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Behind The Scenes Schaefer's Auto Art Bumblebee



"On the way back from Michigan, I had a bee on the dashboard and saw these big cement mixers going by, (they) looked just like the back of a bee to me."
- Richard Schaefer
Auto Art Artist + Friends

It's not every day you get to see a larger than life bumblebee on the side of the road. But that's exactly what we have in Erie, Pennsylvania!  Schaefer's Auto Art is home to the cement mixer bumblebee. Richard, the artist, bought the mixer from Warren Steel Company back in the day. It had sat at in the parking lot for awhile, not being used and starting to gather rain and rust. So much that when Richard was able to get it up and running that's exactly what came out of the cement mixer! 

We've come a long way from the rain and rust, this Bumblebee is complete with a SAAB face, drive shaft legs, and front suspension torsion bars for it's antennae. 


Schaefer's Auto Art Bumblebee

Here is a breakdown of what makes up the Bumblebee:

- Cement Mixer, bought from Warren Steel Company
HEAD- Front of a SAAB car, bought from a photographer
FACE/TONGUE- Sheet metal
ANTENNAE- Front suspension torsion bars
LEGS- Drive shafts
LEG JOINTS- U-joints
WINGS- Steel rod/pipe, bent and formed into wing shape
STINGER- Metal molded around a traffic cone + steel rod (to make longer)

PIN (like a bee pinned to a wall)- Steel pipe
PIN HEAD- Two wheel covers

The original bumblebee painting was done by Bucky's Sign Service.

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🐝 The Schaefer Family