Two Headed Dinosaur | Behind The Scenes

Two Headed Dinosaur Behind The Scenes at Schaefer's Auto Art

Behind The Scenes

The Two Headed Dinosaur was originally made with just one head, and painted green with white teeth.
He made an appearance coming out of a dirt mound on Hershey Road.
He road around in the back of a Lincoln trunk car.
A little while later he was given another head, painted yellow, and spent his time in the back of a His and Her Truck. 
For the past few years he's resided with the other Auto Art, in front of the Rocket.


Here is a breakdown of what makes up the Two Headed Dinosaur:

Heads- Oil pans
Teeth- Spark Plugs
Body (frame)- Drive shafts (cut slits in so they would bend)
Bottom of body- Car leaf springs
Head + Body Connection- Drive shaft U-joint
Neck Scales (back)- Engine rocker arms (all the same size)
Body Scales (back)- Engine piston connecting rods
Body Scales (front)- Engine cylinder head bolts
Arms- Car steering arms
Fingers- Emission exhaust tubes (Update in 2017: wrenches)


Two Headed Dinosaur digital painting done by Peter Moran.


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