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🐝 We've been buzzing with excitement to bring you new Auto Art Souvenirs, and today is finally that day! πŸ 

A little back story...

Back in 1995, Richard and Susan of "Dick's Auto Art" opened an ice cream + hot dog shop at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park.
If you don't remember it, that's okay! The shop was only around for one summer.

But there they sold Connie's Ice Cream and Smiths Hot Dogs, they also brought all of the Auto Art down and had it on display for people to stop and smile. :)

Schaefer's Auto Art
Schaefer's Auto Art

While we've updated our name and now have our logo in a digital file...

We've been wanting to bring back the Souvenirs for you!

We have the Bumblebee Shirts!

And now it's time for the HATS!

Here's a look at the original Dick's Auto Art hat...

A look at the origianl Dick's Auto Art hat!

And our updated Schaefer's Auto Art hats!