The Spider

The Spider, the first sculpture made for the yard, was thought up in in summer and took around five months to complete.  It made its debut just in time for Halloween. 

It is made out of the body of a VW Beetle, steel pipes for the legs, front suspension arms for the fangs, and a metal frame for it all to sit on.  Just like most of his creations, Schaefer purchased the used VW beetle and the steel pipes came from his brother's junkyard.  Each steel pipe was individually carried from the back of the yard to the truck. Making their way to Schaefer's house, the pipes lay in the driveway until after he consulted an encyclopedia to research how to build the spiders legs.  After configuring and planning how to make the legs, Schaefer and a few friends went on to make eight of them.  They next assembled a frame to hold the body of the spider, on it they also built metal stubs which they slid the legs onto.  Using a crane, the Spider was assembled in the yard and Schaefer hired a painter to give it it's real spider look. The first Spider was painted black with details and all to look like a real spider. Since then it has gone through a few different paint jobs, different every time. 



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